Pullup Banners to pull-up your sales – the power of Visual Advertising

Pull up banners

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of Advertising “
– Mark Twain

The quote from Mark Twain on “Advertising” mentioned above summarizes the role of Advertising in transforming small startups to large corporations. Advertising is the key element in marketing, be it a Product or a Service. Advertisements serve to be the medium to carry the product or service from the manufacturer / producer / trader to the indented customer(s) / client.

With various forms and advertisement channels like Print Media, Radio, Television, Banners, Outdoor Hoardings, Campaigns, or the internet, every Company tries to “push“ their product to its potential customers. Advertisements help in portraying the product or service to the potential customers and are powerful means in product promotion and sales. While advertising has grown in stature by leaps and bounds, with the advent of latest developments in Science and Technology, triggering a new-wave of Social Media Advertising, Podcasting ads etc., it’s a sure fact that, traditional methods of advertisement still has a charm, of its own.

Among all other mediums of advertising, the visual form of advertisements, create maximum impact and are still preferred by different companies. Visual forms of ads, create an instant impact on the mind of the readers and frequent visibility of such ads, help in brand-creation and eventually turns out to procure new buyers for the product or service. Visual form of advertisements generally refers to all modes of advertising, which captures the visual attention of the person who sees. The ads in print media, newspapers, magazines, brochures, pamphlets etc. fall under this category. Another significant visual medium is display by using Banners, Billboards, and Hoarding etc.

While Billboards / hoardings capture mass attention of the viewers, it involves huge cost outlay and a significant amount of maintenance issues are involved. Banners are considered to be cost-effective method of visual advertisement. Banners are presented in different colours and sizes. And, the latest in the visual advertising industry, which is creating ripples in the domain, are the “Pullup Banners“.

Pull up Banners are in vogue now and are widely used by companies to pull-up their sales figures and in attracting more people to their products / services. Brand creation and Brand recall are few important results that are derived out of Pullup Banner Advertisements.

Pullup Banners refer to miniature Advertisement Billboards, which are light enough and can be carried around! Yes, Pull up Banners are easy-to-carry across places and easy-to-be-displayed. Typically, Pullup banners consist of metal frames, which act as legs and headers of display, with a foldable-rod to support and hold the frame. When the structure is placed on the ground, it provides an ideal vertical advertising space.

A thin sheet of vinyl / plastic material carries the advertisement material, which is found between the legs and the header of the panel. The most interesting part on this medium is that the sheet; which is the advertising panel, is retractable and hence can be rolled in, while carrying and stretched out while on display. Usually, they come with an easy-carry-case, as a kit, so that the banner can be converted to be held in an easy carry case, slung in a shoulder.

Pull up banners hence is preferred choice in Outdoor Advertising and where mobility is a factor. Companies choose this product as an ideal advertising option for display at exhibitions, tradeshows, open-air displays, display at places of people mobility like shopping complexes, malls, Airports, Train & Bus Stations… etc.

Various companies offer different variety of pullup banner stands. Many companies provide variety of pull up banner stands, varying in dimensions of height and width. Usually, the base and header are made out of sturdy but lightweight material and the sheets are easily washable, to ensure that the advertisement medium has a long life. However, not many companies are providing lifetime warranty and only a few like MaxDisplays of Australia are found to provide Life-time Warranty on pull-up banner stands.

The pull-up banners also have variants of single-sided and double-sided, which is opted based on the requirement of the consumers who buy them and based on the place of such ads. Certain premium variety of pull up banner stands even come with focus lights on the header panels, to provide complete light focus on the advertisement content displayed on the sheets.

Most of the pullup banner manufactures also offer the options of designing the advertisement contents with rich and attractive colors, impressive visual layout etc. and help the consumer to get the right output of advertisement material, as ready-to-display product.

With increasing focus on ecology and go-green concepts, pull up banner stand manufacturers are also innovating with eco-friendly components, eco-friendly printing etc. For example, a few companies are seen using bamboo instead of Aluminium in pull-up banner stand manufacture and a few others are seen using inks which are eco-friendly in nature, in printing the contents. Maxdisplays offer variety of eco-friendly pull-up banners with a 3-day turnaround time.

On the whole, Pullup banner stands capture the attention of the viewers and with their feature of mobility and easy to carry nature, are turning out to be the latest attention capturers of visual media advertising and they are expected to be on the rise.

Maxdisplays offer lifetime warranty for pullup banner stands.

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