How Do I Get Visitors to my Booth to Look at my Products?

There are all kinds of different business that attend the crowded trade shows of Sydney and those that are held elsewhere, and their needs are always different. We know this, because we’ve worked with a lot of them! That’s why we thought we’d take the time to speak directly to those businesses that attend trade shows in order to display their products, rather than to offer their services.
When you’re at a trade show to display a product, we know that you have to do so in a way that’s going to instantly draw your visitors’ eyes. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Mali . At a trade show, there are a lot of things that are designed to catch your visitors’ eyes, and it can be incredibly difficult to get their attention after the sights and sounds of your various competitors have bombarded them. local directory . That’s why we’re happy to offer a complete line of trade show display items that can feature your products in a way that makes sense for your business and that also elicits your visitors’ attention.

The Various Product Displays Offered By Max Displays
When it comes to getting your products before the eyes of visitors to your trade show booth, we have an incredible line

portable plinth, carry on plinth, fold flat plinth

portable plinths

of customisable plinths. These plinths come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that will complement the overall design aesthetic of your trade show display. Each one of them can be made in a colour of your choosing, or we can work with you to put your graphics, text and images onto these displays. This goes a long way toward reinforcing your brand image.

Circular portable plinth

circular portable plinth

In addition to portable plinths, we also offer a complete line of acrylic displays that are perfect for displaying your products at trade shows. Among this collection, you’ll find acrylic displays that can do everything

acrylic displays, custom built acrylic displays

acrylic displays

from holding your business cards to displaying a watch. Of course, we know that, when it comes to acrylic displays, customisation is paramount. That’s why we employ a team of highly skilled designers who can work directly with you to come up with a custom acrylic display for your next trade show that will really make your products stand out.

And, We Offer Something That’s Truly Futuristic and Eye-Catching
If you’re looking for something that will really make your products pop, then look no further than our magnetic trade show displays. These items are simply awesome. current date time . By harnessing the power of magnets, these displays are capable of making it appear as if your products are literally floating in midair.
For a business that’s looking for a quick solution in this department, we offer two entirely bespoke magnetic display

Magnetic floating display

magnetic shoe display

models. One is a base model, which makes it appear as if your product is floating above the base. The other is shaped like a ring, and makes it appear as if your product is floating in the middle. This last model actually suspends your product from the top of the ring to produce the floating effect. Either model is capable of suspending a product that weighs up to 10 kg.

Of course, once you’ve heard of this kind of display, we understand that you might want to look for a completely custom solution. That’s a service that we’re more than happy to provide. If you get in touch with our customer service department and let them know what kind of product you’re trying to display magnetically, we can consult with our designers and technicians to develop a custom magnetic display to suit your needs.

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