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Custom Banners

For those wishing to provide a backdrop, add texture to a feature wall or to hang at a function, our custom banners are the best in Australia.

The images are printed via state of the art Digital Dye Sublimation on your choice of four specialised fabrics; each with its own capabilities.

Compared to vinyl, fabric banners are superior for exhibition purposes because they not only exude class but are roughly half the weight with the same colour integrity.

Poly Flex (320gsm)-FABPOLY

The same fabric used in our display walls, this fabric is opaque with the optimum amount of elasticity to stretch on display frames. Soft and strong, the Poly Flex is designed to minimise tearing and wrinkling.

The PolyFlex is by far our most popular fabric due to its opacity and light weight.


Flag Tex (75gsm)-FABFLAG

Comprised of 100% polyester, this is the material used in our outdoor feather flags. Translucent and lightweight, our customers love to use it on shopfront windows so as not to completely block sunlight.


Light Super Stretch (190gsm)-FABSTRE

This fabric is noticeably light and stretchy. Suitable for stretching over smaller, less robust frames or draped over a stall front.


Poly Shade (251gsm)-FABSHAD

An opaque, rigid medium the Poly Shade's primary use is in our Rollup Banners. A polyester fabric with a laminate backing to suppress stretching, the Poly Shade allows the most vivid colour and detailed graphics.


 All Fabrics $80 sqm


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT