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MaxDisplays Australia
3/1, Boden Road,
Seven Hills, NSW 2147
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Pop-up Towers & Header

Pop up towers and headers are free standing displays in various shapes like cylindrical, square, rectangle, triangle and oval, ideal for use as a focal point on an exhibition & trade shows. Pop Up Towers & headers use the same pop up technology but with different materials making them easy to assemble and pack it down. At Max Displays our pop up Towers & header are made to suite various types of client needs. Max Displays pop up towers and headers are designed and made to ease our client installation time at site. Our Pop up towers and headers are make with just 3 or 4 components making them easy to assemble and no tools required. They are not traditional type like magnetic connectors and branding.

Difference between Traditional pop up towers and Max Displays Pop up towers.

Traditional Pop up Displays.
They are huge and bulky to carry, they are made with regular pop up stand back wall technology which involves a series of aluminium tubes, connected together with hubs & hooks. The Geometry of a pop up display tower is arranged to create a 3-spoked shape when viewed from above. Each one of the three wedges in between each spoke supports a printed graphic panel that curved around the framework. By arranging three panels edge-to-edge the pop up tower forms a round pillar or triangle or square type shape that can be viewed by passers by at any angle.

Max Displays Pop up towers & Headers
At Max Displays, our pop up towers are build with polypropylene material, our nifty design make it simple easy and straight forward. They are a breeze to install and easy to carry in and out of car and plane. You can install the tower in minutes and no tools required. There are no separate printed panels, no magnetic printed panels thus make it hassle free to assemble. Our branding are printed on stretch fabric material and it clings on to the tower or header giving it a snug fit. The branding is one single piece of fabric so there is no trouble to align the print. The size can be customised to suite you need. The standard sizes are 400 per side
Illuminated Towers & Header
When I comes to lighting, most of the traditional towers are only illuminated from outside, our Max displays can be customised to be illuminated from inside converting the completed tower into a light box.

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Pop-up Tower | Triangle      
Pop-up Tower | Triangle      

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